Octopus’ Garden is a different kind of fix. Housed in an A-frame on the main drag of Long Jetty, living, fractured flora has resided there since 2013. Moss grows there too, cocooning suspended succulents. Sweet Peas gather in jars, while cacti bachelor in corners. The OG is a place for solitude and community. To encounter. And every bouquet that wanders outside is a part of its resolution: to reinspire a lost connection between the natural world and humanity This zesty herbarium house is the botanical rhapsody of co-owners Elythea and Lau. They're obsessed with Disney and Van Gogh, eat MMs like a boss and ignore any social taboos about champagne and flowers sharing a fridge. They’re plant hunters not retailers. Makers not florists.

Elythea Doherty  Creative Director and Co-owner

Elythea Doherty

Creative Director and Co-owner

Lauren King

Creative Director and Co-Owner

We have now closed our little A-Frame shop at Long Jetty and are working out of a private studio in Avoca Beach. We are now primarily focused on weddings and events. We will also be at Avoca Beach Markets the 4th Sunday of every month. If you have any enquiries please contact us. We'd Love to hear from you.